Thursday, December 08, 2005


At long, long last, the one girl who actually somewhat resembles a real model won America's Next Top Model. I called Nicole from episode one and have been pulling for her the whole time, even though she is a total brat and her face is kind of crooked. I guess she reminds me a little of myself (a much skinnier, prettier, and dumber version) when I was like 12. Nik looked good in pictures and was good at poses and stuff, but she was rather fugly and humorless in person. Though others heartily disagree with me, for once I am happy with the ANTM outcome. I can't wait to stalk Nicole at the Midtown TGIFridays where she will no doubt be waitressing in the very near future.

As a side note, how did Eva Pigford ever win? Appropriately, her face is really quite porcine, and she always looks as if she's just dunked her head in a vat of Vaseline. I was watching the Tyra Banks talk show on one of my recent unemployed days, and Jamie Pressly was a guest. Tyra excitedly informed her that she looked "a lot like one of our ANTM winners, Eva!" and you could see Jamie Pressly die a little inside as she pretended to be flattered.

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midwestgrrl said...

WORD about Eva. She is truly very bad on the runway, too. FINALLY they picked the girl who did well in pictures AND on the runway. Yes, she's annoying, but GOD Tyra...I was totally expecting a repeat of last season's "do I pick the girl that did well all season, or the girl who did well this afternoon? This afternoon! Congratulations Naima!" Also, IMHO, Kahlen did better on the runway anyhow.

Ok all done now.