Saturday, December 17, 2005

happy religion-nonspecific holidays!

The Upper Breast Side doesn't discriminate

Oh right, I have a blog. Sorry, I've been quite busy lately lying on the futon sleeping, lying on the futon reading more books to escape from brutal existential pain for fun in the last two months (seven!) than I've read in the last seven years combined, and lying on the futon watching Paula Deen make heaven on earth and Sandra Lee make a disgrace of her superwhite, superstepford self with semi-homemade Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa angel food cakes.

Nevertheless, I have managed to leave the house on a few occasions, including the procurement of takeout food, some arduous 30-minutes-on-the-elliptical-machine workouts, and, of course, holiday festivities. The first was last night at my pal's Williamsburg pad. Appropriately, my favorite part of the evening occured when a guest got behind the turntables and made the tragic mistake of mixing the Magic Numbers in with LCD Soundsystem, thus causing several of the host's blood vessels to rupture and the rest of us to pee our pants. Tonight I am attending Decent Content's Blogmukkah party, to which I have no clue how I was invited. I can't decide if it is more cliche to bring a camera or to purposefully not bring a camera because it would be too cliche... Sunday will be all about recovery via Vitamin Water and eggs, and then Monday is E's office party. Crashing someone else's office party is really a win win situation, since one can get tanked for free and make a fool out of oneself and/or makeout with innappropriate people with no lasting repurcussions. Then Tuesday is Drone's bestie's house party, which I might not attend. I learned the hard way several Christmases ago that drinking heavily the night before flying halfway across the country is a bad, severe-flu-causing idea. On the other hand, that flu was so awful that I was given a big ol' bottle of Vicodin in the Emergency Room on Christmas Eve, so perhaps I'll attend afterall.

God bless us, everyone!


P/O said...

sandra lee is the devil incarnate.

Anonymous said...

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