Friday, April 21, 2006

last night's brush with fame

Scene: My restaurant last night, circa 7 p.m. I am very very busy and the hostess is nowhere near the phone.

Gina: Goodeveningthankyouforcalling[myrestaurant]thisisGina!

Michael Stipe: Hi, Gina! It's Michael Stipe!

Gina: . . .

Michael Stipe: What's your availability tonight for six?

Gina: . . .

Gina: Uh, holdonasecondplease.

End scene.

At least I didn't approach him during the course of his meal and tell him how I saw the "Losing My Religion" video for the first time back in second grade at my friend Sarah's house and it, like, totally changed my life and stuff. I did, however, probably stare a little too much at ol' Mike and Patti Smith getting cozy at their table. Cult Rock Heros, They're Just Like Us! They Eat Panini With Friends!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's cool.

I saw Prince Harry in a bar a couple of weeks back. Clearly royals are also just like us... They drink beer with friends ;-)

Fat Asian Baby said...

i miss you. and there's something wrong with my eyeball. seriously. i have an appt with a ophthalmologic neurologist next week maybe.

Gina said...

aww punkin. i miss you too. i'd say i'd call you tomorrow but i'm working in the day and then doing my best to kill my liver. let's make a phone date for sunday. and, uh, sorry about your eyeball. i'd give you advice but i got a c+ in my eyeball psych class.