Monday, April 17, 2006

happy happy joy joy

Summer in New York officially began on Saturday, April 15th. Though it's even lamer to talk about the weather on a blog than in a real live conversation, I have to mention that the environmental conditions were absolutely perfect. I pulled myself right out of my recent funk with several hours in the Hudson River Park watching dogs and reading magazines followed by quesadillas and to-go margaritas followed by an impromptu bratwurst grilling bonanza on my roof at midnight. Today (a little chilly towards the end, but still quite nice) was for walking all over the southern part of the island and buying the first dress I've ever bought that I actually will probably wear more than once. Even though I need some Ben-Gay for my legs and I had to withdraw cash three times at the $100-per-transaction bodega ATM, I am pleased. I am also pleased by these pictures my dad took of my crazy terrier, Daisy, as she attacks the stuffed George Bush dog toy my uncle brought up from Chicago.

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