Thursday, February 24, 2005

rescue 911

Internet Boyfriend has officially dumped my ass like a sack o' potatoes. There's a long version which I'll spare you, because it essentially boils down to the part when the Missing Piece meets the Big O. While at times I feel very hurt and abandoned at a time when I've got enough emotional pain all by myself and certainly don't need any more, I know that it all makes a shitload of sense, for many many reasons. Now, of course, the fact that he can both think AND operate on a purely rational level makes me like him even more. Fucking bastard. At least there have been a couple things to cheer me up.

In trying to determine with whom I could potentially make out once I feel up to it (for once, praise the Lord, I most certainly do not feel up to it,) new friend M and I discussed one of the hotter guys here, who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Unaware of the details of me and IB, she kind of turned up her nose at this guy, saying, "He's not very exciting, doesn't seem to care about anything, just kind of emotionless. You know, he's Canadian." Oh, do I ever know. With apologies to my Canadian readership (I'm sure you do not fit this stereotype,) I must say that M is pretty darn accurate in her assessment, and, as she is a self-proclaimed lover of assholes, would reject his ass in a second. Ha! Unfortunately, I still find myself attracted to the super-duper-laid-back-nothing-in-the-world-will-ever-bother-me(-unless-you-cry-every-time-we-talk) type. Something tells me I've found my rebound!

Now, as I mentioned, I am not yet ready to rebound. But in the interim, fashion-related reality television has come to my rescue. If Project Runway being won by my standout favorite Jay is any indication, this is going to be a good spring, indeed. I'd be plenty excited about the upcoming "cycle" of America's Next Top Model all on my own, but Drone, in his brilliant second installment of pre-show analyses and predictions, has got me drooling, for once, when I'm not passed out on the couch.


Robo's Drone said...

Aw, dude. Forget IB. Thanks for the shout out. Miss you times a million. Keep me in the loop. -Drone

Andrew said...

"it essentially boils down to the part when the Missing Piece meets the Big O."

Wait, now I might not be the smartest man when it comes to relationships, but what did Internet Boyfriend have to do with Did you pick him up as NAFTA surplus?

Andrew said...

Oh, this has something to do with Shel Silverstein saying you can't love others until you love and accept yourself. Gotcha. At the moment, my cheesiness is confined to things like watching Oliver Twist on Sunday mornings instead of working out, Silverstein is a little intense for me.