Friday, February 18, 2005

baby steps

So I've been in Ithaca for almost a week and, yup, still depressed! I haven't yet embarked on such helpful things as "getting a job" or "paying someone to listen to me whine" or "doing something besides browse the internet and read David Sedaris books" so I suppose this is to be expected. I've had a couple rather upsetting conversations with the Formerly Internet But Now Telephone Boyfriend, who is of the "suck it up" mentality, whereas I tend to belong to the "but I have a chemical imbalance why don't you feel sorry for me and call me every 20 minutes and tell me how great I am" camp. He suggested I treat my current problem as any other I've faced--getting my lazy ass into my beloved school, waking up at 6 a.m. every day for four years to torture myself by pulling on a massive, blister-inducing oar. So after we got off the phone today and I wanted to drown my sorrows in a vat of cheese and chocolate, I managed to get myself to the gym, and now I'm drunk and almost having fun. For once, I think there's some hope. Go Ithaca!

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Gloria said...

Yum. Chocolate and cheese. There is NOTHING wrong with drowning your sorrows in such scrumptious foodstuffs.