Thursday, February 10, 2005


Yesterday as I was walking home, err..."home," from the temp job (which is really just a shit ton of Microsoft Excel wrangling and not a shred of "online research," those tricky bastards,) I passed a large group of black gentlemen loitering on the sidewalk. Because the whole gym idea never really transpired, I was moving briskly and marvelling at my shortness of breath from plain old walking. Anyway, one of the men sidled up next to me and asked if he could axe me a question. Totally immune to this sort of thing, I would normally play deaf, dumb, and blind and proceed without flinching. But because the couple in front of me slowed down to cross the street, and I was still moving along at high speed, I quickly stepped to the side to avoid slamming into them, away from the man, because if I'd have gone the other direction I would've slammed into him. In retrospect, either slamming option would've been preferable, because as soon as I made my move he shrieked with glee, "She jumped! HAHAHAHAAHA she jumped! Wooohoo you see that?!" And all of his buddies jumped in on taunting and making fun of the poor little white girl deathly afraid of the big scary black men.

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Tiger Lilly said...

Oh honey, they do it to Black women, too. To make things worse, I usually get my ass grabbed as well.