Friday, December 14, 2007

scrabulous, the new rorschach?

I am addicted to Scrabulous, Facebook version. I have, literally, been playing it all day. It's great because you never know when the person you're up against will take their turn (unless you're simultaneously on Gmail chat, on which I have also been all day) and so you do other things to waste time while you're waiting to waste time. It's not so great because my friends are smart and I've lost more games than I've won. But it's still a great procrastinatory (I like making up words, no matter what Scrabulous has to say about them) and entertainment tool. 

In the game I've currently got going with my friend Sarah, the following words have been played (mostly by me):


And in the game I just lost to Comeback Susie, I managed to connect CUNT and TWAT.

Yeah, it's been awhile.

If you're on Facebook, play Scrabulous with me!