Saturday, October 06, 2007

a poem

New York City!
Saturday night!

Home alone eatin' PB&J,
And drinkin' Amstel Light.

And I just realized that my PB&J has strawberry jam on it (imported from Armenia, thanks to my employee discount, although I think I like Smuckers more, what with its unnaturally gelatinous texture and added sugar), and I'm listening to the new Animal Collective album Strawberry Jam. There must surely be some deeper meaning here.

I bought Strawberry Jam even though their previous album Sung Tongs was too weird for me because Pitchfork said it was their most "accessible." Sucker. But it's really good, especially the songs "Peacebone" and "For Reverend Green."

Social life resumes next week.


alexa said...

You're baaack! i just checked on a whim, and was sure that you'd still be gone, but my my...let the procrastination continue. you rule.

Gina said...

so glad to be of service! it feels good to be back on the blogwagon.

midwestgrrl said...

omg i was looking for you at your new piece of internet real estate. thank goodness i checked. thank goodness, because i'm a dork.