Friday, April 06, 2012

rules rule

Nestled in the natural beauty of Beijing's Central Business District and surrounded by Russian strip clubs, little Ritan Park offers sun and fun for the whole family. That sentence was mostly sarcastic. Sarcasm aside, it is actually quite pretty.

But, there are many things you cannot do in Ritan Park. These include, apparently: biking, picking flowers, sitting with one's legs crossed while leaning backwards slightly, taking a taxi, littering, reclining in a sexy pose, roller skating, playing soccer, GUNS, walking dogs, I have no idea, and starting fires.

Fortunately, public consumption of alcohol is not prohibited, and a little hut on the lake proved a perfect spot for day drinking on one of the first warm and sunny days of the year. And, as I mentioned in my last post, rules in China seem to be made to be broken. Here are two young boys shooting fish with bb guns.

And here is one of my new expat friends demonstrating how one might use a cellphone illegally during a thunderstorm, while drinking.

Last but not least, the park has a PA system, over which a gentle sounding lady voice delivers important announcements in both Mandarin and English. My personal favorite, and one which would be hard to convey with an icon, so it would make sense to be broadcast over a loudspeaker: no "sloppy dress" allowed.

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