Wednesday, March 28, 2012

lazy sunday

[I am aware that it is not Sunday. But I wrote this post on a Sunday and sent it to my ghost poster, who had a hell of a weekend, it sounds like! Fortunately, I have managed to worm my way through the Great Firewall of China. I feel like a freaking ninja. Moving on...]

I am hungover from drinking two beers last night (yes, that’s right), so today’s post is going to be a photo post.

Here is a tourist lady posing with one of the zillions of weird giant statues in Beijing’s ridiculously cool contemporary art district, 798.

Here is a pictorial representation of my first fortune cookie in China, and my first time eating chicken bones (the skewers), at the hospital’s 15th anniversary staff party.

Here is some of the staff at the staff party, posing with their raffle prizes, which were humidifiers. In the raffle prior to this one, staff were given toasters. As a parting gift, we all got a 5kg bag of rice and giant tub of honey. Okay!

Here is an adorable Chinese girl, eating cotton candy adorably.

And, last but not least, here is a dog (yes, that's right), being fucking awesome.

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