Monday, February 13, 2012


There is nothing better than having your eye on something you want to buy and then having that thing go drastically on sale. Okay, I suppose there are better things, like achieving world peace, eradicating AIDS, and acquiring a puppy. But I will take victory where I can get it.

I have been kind of obsessed with L.L. Bean's newish "Signature" line since it came out, probably because it allows me to turn into my parents without fully admitting I am turning into my parents. I saw these wonderfully grandpa-ish pants back in November and knew they had to be mine. And then I saw that making them mine would cost me $149, and I remembered that I am trying to be a responsible adult with goals and plans and stuff and restrained myself. And then they went on sale. And then I bought them in two sizes, because sometimes my weight fluctuates and, clearly, I should never be without plaid wool pants in a color and pattern that goes with approximately one shirt in my current wardrobe.

Here is me modeling the pants, using my camera's self-timer feature and some jumping moves I learned from my 10 years of watching America's Next Top Model.



Laura said...

Snazzy pants, Gina! You look FIERCE!!!

sjg said...

i love the signature line too!

loving your blog.