Thursday, June 28, 2012

a blog post about yoga

Today in yoga class I did Wheel Pose for the first time ever! Okay, for the first time since, like, 5th grade probably. Anyway, this is what Wheel Pose looks like:

 *Photo selected because it was the first result in a Google Image search. Okay that's a lie. It was the fourth result.

I looked pretty must just like that, minus the, um, bulge.

Okay, that's also a lie. I think I probably looked a little more like this:

But hey. As a 5'10" lady who regularly failed the flexibility portions of the Presidential Fitness Test, I think we can safely say GOLD STAR FOR ME.

And now...

Most Awesome Thing Said by Teacher in Yoga Class Today: "Pull your pelvic floor up to the soft palate in the roof of your mouth to create waves in the cerebrospinal fluid that will lead to happiness."

Most Awesome Thing That Happened in Yoga Class Today: Someone farted real loud and it was not me.

On a Related Note: Raw carrots and hummus is NOT an appropriate pre-yoga snack.

Percentage of Yoga Class Time I Spent Thinking About What I Was Going to Have for Dinner: 82%

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