Thursday, September 15, 2011

monsters, brah

I was taken aback when reading this entry in the servicey first pages of Urbanite magazine. It's great that this store carries stuff for plus-sized ladies, but is it really okay to call the bras MONSTER-sized? Then I Googled "monster bra" (as you do), and it turns out it's a thing. A monster bra is a bra, with monsters on it. You learn something new every day!

Other new things I learned today:

*I have been riding my bike around with a wheel "really out of true" and a broken spoke. (I took it to the bike shop for a measly flat tire.)

*To replace a wheel "really out of true" with a broken spoke and a measly flat tire, it costs $78.

*C-sections are not conducive to mother-baby bonding, due to a lack of endogenous oxytocin release and the time needed to recover from major abdominal surgery, yet in a semi-recent survey of obstetricians, 30% said they'd elect to have one.

*A can of corn with some salt on it (the corn, not the can) is a pretty satisfying snack.

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