Thursday, May 14, 2009

stage fright

I love a good dorky competition, and I especially love a good documentary about a good dorky competition (see: Spellbound--spelling bees, Wordplay--crossword puzzles, Word Wars--Scrabble, King of Kong--Donkey Kong, Air Guitar Nation--uh, air guitars, Monster Camp--LARPing). So I was pretty excited to learn about the Air Sex Championships via Jezebel, and I look forward to the inevitable indie documentary. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

And they're coming to New York soon (no pun intended). Anyone? Please???

Anyway, not to discredit the efforts of my fellow Americans, but the Japanese, who created this phenomenon of public competitive simulated humping, really know how to bring it. And, unlike their irony-loving counterparts, they take their air sex seriously.

"If there are no children being born because we're all having air sex, we will become extinct."

So true.