Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was going to write some sarcastic post about how I just got let go from my job (it was a mutual breakup, for the record) and have nothing to offer the world beyond grammar-correcting, dog breed identifying, and cheese plate assembly, but then good ol' Cary Tennis (and his loyal letter-writing followers) came along and sucked that sarcasm right out of me. And then I made myself a tuna melt.


Ellen said...

That article is brilliant and, if I may say so, near-perfect for you. Just one of the many reasons you are my best friend.

Gina said...

awww, pookie. you just about done made me cry.

and yeah i really like the idea of saying "good morning" to my existential dread.

Andrew said...

Meditate, excercise more, look into your metabolism? Heh, somebody needs to get back into a crew boat and turn off her brain. I knew I liked that sport for some reason.

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