Tuesday, July 29, 2008

monkeys, elephants, etc.

One of the things I miss most about Marshfield is the local paper. I need to remind myself to check the online version more regularly, because it's still the same old bundle of joy. In this month's "Moments of Life" (the special events "keepsake"), we have some tips for grooms! All very obvious duh-type things such as "make a list of people you'd like to invite" and "work on a wedding budget." Until my personal favorite, number 16:

Speaking of event-planning, at my next party I want to get one of those photography studio backdrops and take pictures of my friends, Sears-style, and give everyone a plastic comb first. There's a ton on Ebay (ooooh, Ebay....) and I couldn't begin to pick one, but this scenic cityscape, in particular, caught my eye. Something tells me it'll be up there for a while.