Sunday, March 30, 2008

crafts for lazies

I've always wanted to be one of those crafty girls, someone who can just whip herself up a nice decorative pillow or Wonder Woman sweater. It must be so satisfying to get an idea and actually make it happen, and to always have something fun and productive to do when you're not busy eating Jelly Bellies and reading about grade school classmates on Facebook.

Other than one sock monkey for my old friend Katie, I don't think I've ever really made anything on my own. I tried cross-stitching in junior high, got 95% done with my project (a St. Louis Cardinals logo for my dad), and left it sit in my closet until my mom finished it sometime when I was in college. I tried sewing when I went home for Christmas last year, got super frustrated, and, uh, my mom did almost all of it.

But I will never give up the dream! Here, my latest "effort":

Gina's Kwik-n-EZ Laptop Case

*broken thrift store heating pad
*foam (thanks to the foam experts at Howard's Foam and Fabrics Solutions of Rochester, NY)
*duct tape
*needle and thread

Step 1: Remove actual heating pad from decorative heating pad cover. Contemplate cutting it open to see what's inside! Discard.

Step 2: Fold foam over laptop. Cut two sections just big enough to cover each side. Apply duct tape liberally on three edges to create a sleeve.

Step 3: Cut a third piece of foam as wide as the others and a few inches long to form a flap over the open part of the sleeve. Duct tape to secure.

Step 4: Place foam pocket into fabric cover.

Step 5: Enlist mom to sew on Velcro pads.

Ta da!

(Dog not included.)