Monday, April 09, 2007

things i would've written about lately if i ever actually updated my blog, in reverse chronological order

*The Allman Brothers Band concert I went to with the newly-of-drinking-age boyfriend where we sat next to his very, very drunk parents and passed around a little marijuana pipe until a security guard snatched it out of his sister's hand.

*The LVHRD Vending Machine Challenge, where my best friend made me beam like a proud Asian parent whose kid just got into Harvard by consuming one third of the contents of a vending machine before puking her guts out 14 times, and which was also inexplicably attended by one Lance Bass.

*My little sis' getting into grad school out in the wild wild west, and how I'm only slightly more excited for her and her future success than I am to go visit and drive her minivan (donation from my parents--one parent's minivan is another's marijuana, i guess) in places where they don't have speed limits or Starbucks.

*One of my best friends in the whole wide world, my college roommate, getting engaged, and royally freaking me out until I learned that she's wearing neither an engagement ring nor a white dress, and making her the first of my close friends to do the deed, except for the Wisconsin ones from high school that don't count because everyone in Wisconsin gets married when they're like 15.

*Celebrating the big 2-1 at Peter Luger, which is right by my house and way overlit at night, while dressing up kinda guido and wearing sunglasses inside.

*E's birthday party at good ol' Pies 'n' Thighs, where I ate the new and improved pulled pork sandwich and much air hockey ensued.

*My restaurant's belated holiday party, which in no way compared to the Spotted Pig's but was awesome because I was all over the then-20-year-old like my cat on a piece of wilted arugula (most fun toy ever, apparently), and it actually worked, thanks in no small part to the free booze and the blind eye turned by the management with regard to his alcohol consumption.

*My trip with E to Los Angeles, including our arrival at Newark Airport at the same time as Catherine Malandrino and a ridiculous flight delay that sent us straight to the bar; an absurd amount of absurdly good high/low dining thanks to the epicurean Alex and Eric involving my first experience with guanciale, yellowtail belly, brain tacos, fish tacos, baby eel, and epoisses cheese; the seven-course comped dinner courtesy of my college pal Chef Steph at the schmancy steakhouse she works at and where Kevin Bacon was also dining and actually paying for his food; the store we almost didn't go into on Third where almost everything was 90, that's NINE-ZERO, percent off; the Echo Park hipster bar we went to where we nearly escaped a drive-by paintball shooting; and, of course, the memories, pictures, and stretch marks to last a lifetime.


Fat Asian Baby said...

what's wrong with eric? if i were standing in such close proximity to the taco zone, i'd be looking a little more chipper.

Gina said...

i think he was just jealous he got the "puerco" instead of the "cabeza" tacos.

Nuggets said...

my stomach was smiling! (even if i was afraid of the place where brain meets tortilla) - eric

Anonymous said...

sometimes i forget how fucking radical we are. it must be the booze.

Fat Asian Baby said...

he's a good jew.