Thursday, March 15, 2007

in case you haven't barfed enough lately

So I'm maybe kinda actually seeing someone, with whom I may or may not work, and who may or may not be of legal drinking age. I know I know, I'm shocked too (about the first part of the sentence at least). Almost as shocked as I'd be if I ever managed to get to the coffee shop before 1pm. Anyway, last night I had my first bartending shift, which means I closed. He used to close on Wednesdays and then a new manager started doing the schedule and didn't anymore. He was going to switch to get the closing shift (longer hours = more money), but noticed that the closing busboy was the one who has a car and has, on occasion, given me a ride home. He kept the lesser shift just so I'd get a ride. The logic is somewhat flawed in that while, yes, I saved $10 by not taking a cab, he would've made a lot more than $10 had he worked the extra hours. But still, awwwwwww. I need one of those swooning couches.


Fat Asian Baby said...

hmm. so i guess the date went well.

ellen said...

i have barfed enough lately

Cheryl said...

I may or may not have also dated someone under the legal drinking age as well and, to quote my mother, "you should actually be dating men younger than you because, on average, women out live men."

Anyway, I love your blog. I work for and if you ever want a discount let me know. It's much better that you put yourself through grad school rather than ... say ... me. I mean you don't even know me! ;)