Saturday, August 26, 2006

the holy trinity

On Wednesday, in an attempt to calm the cat and make him more attractive to potential adopters, I had him de-balled. The vet told me that in order to prevent infection I should replace his litter with newspaper for a week. I did as I was told, because what the hell do I know about taking care of cats? When I came home from work last night and was watching TV I was feeling extra sympathetic for the little eunuch. I invited him onto the bed with me, and he walked on my stomach/chest region as usual to find a comfy spot. His paws were wet and sticky. Let's just say I took an extra shower yesterday and immediately reverted to litter, at the risk of an infected feline crotch.

This afternoon the cat, presumably still a little sick from the whole experience, puked up a mound of wet food and I stepped in it with my bare foot. It actually made a squish noise as it oozed up between my toes.

Then tonight after I got home from work, the cat was toodling around in the litter box and then scratching at his food bowl. I went to feed him and noticed that he'd apparently kicked out a fresh piece of poop and then he'd stepped in it, smashing it into the ground.

All I can think about right now is the movie Labyrinth. Oh how I wish I could just call out to the Goblin King and David Bowie would come from wherever he may be and take the cat far away from me.


midwestgrrl said...

Poor little guy -- he didn't get trained very well. Cats don't like to be dirty, usually, so hopefully he'll shape up. (Mine did, if that makes you feel any better.) He may very well be adoptable yet!

VE said...

Try locking it in a cage. Tell it - "It drops its litter in the bin, or else it gets the hose again."
In all semi-seriousness - He's probably hugely disoriented after the deballing. This is the time when he needs your love the most.

Gina said...

yeah, i've actually spent more than a few hours the last few days with him lying on my chest and purring while i watch project runway reruns. the mid-night meowing has ceased, and if he stops spraying in the corner of my bedroom i might just keep the lil' bugger.