Thursday, June 29, 2006

a michael stipe update

SCENE: Several months ago. My restaurant. Dinnertime.

My Friend M: Goodeveningthankyouforcalling[myrestaurnt]thisisM!

Michael Stipe: Hi, M! This is Michael Stipe!

My Friend M: [doesn't know who Michael Stipe is*] Okay.

Michael Stipe: Can I get a table for six tonight at 10:00?

My Friend M: Sure, that's fine. Can I get your number please?

Michael Stipe: Is E [our General Manager, who is very much a hippie, and very much awesome] working tonight?

My Friend M: Yes he is.

Michael Stipe: Can you tell him not to play any Phish?


*After a long moment of consideration upon hearing this story, I have decided to remain friends with M.

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