Tuesday, December 03, 2013

top ten most portlandy things that happened on my thanksgiving trip to portland

1. For lunch yesterday I had a burrito with maple-glazed delicata squash in it and a vegan marionberry ginger smoothie.

2. My family's Black Friday was spent at the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet.

3. The following text message, from my sister's friend:

4. Conversation with my friend's roommate shortly after roommate came home:

Me: So, what have you been up to today?
Friend's Roommate: Oh, I was just at the anarchist meeting.
Me: . . .
FR: [rolls cigarette]

5. A strikingly beautiful in an alien kind of way white girl with blonde dreadlocks wearing Vibram FiveFingers, standing next to a rainbow painted bicycle, and playing the accordion.

6. This license plate/car combo:

7. A store called Clogs-N-More, with their expansive clog selection arranged by color.

8. People dressed as Homer Simpson and a Grateful Dead bear holding up signs to lure passersby into a store called Mary Jane's House of Glass.

[no photo to show here, sadly]

9. Rain.

10. There is no ten, because I spent most of my time outside the city wearing flannel pajama pants, allowing my mom to show her love for me by buying me things, letting dogs lick my face, beating everyone at Scrabble, and reading books by famous internet people, all of which I highly recommend. Especially letting dogs lick your face.

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