Thursday, October 20, 2005

sister, i believe you owe me a birthday present

I'm a little tired. This morning, for the first time since I've had this jobby thing, I overslept. I never get out of bed right after the alarm goes off, but I always contort myself into some really uncomfortable position such that there's no chance I will fall asleep again and just close my eyes until I lose sensation in one or more limbs. Due to last night's combination of myself and free wine, the patented contortion technique failed, and when I got up to pee and my room was all sunny, I knew something was amiss. That something being that it was 10:30 instead of 7:30, not that I could neither feel nor move my left arm. Woopsies! Fortunately, pretty much the only skill I bring to the job-table is showing up perfectly on time every single day, so I am probably not getting fired soon. Well, at least not for this.

So, I'm just going to gank this marvelous link from Mimi Smartypants and call it a post. The levels of awesomeness in this thing speak for themselves:
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Robo's Drone said...

Oh, f***ing great. Now annoying little kids everywhere can extend their ever-maddening and broadening reach. Gooh.

Gina said...

at least it would be fun to watch, as opposed to those godforsaken cell phone songs that the little hoodlums are so fond of playing out loud on the subway.

Robo's Drone said...

We must have different ideas of 'fun,' G. Imagine, if you will, a toddler incessantly mashing its fists on the keyboard whilst you wait for a flight to Wisconsin and the parents of said infant giggle and marvel at how adorable said mashing is over the course of two hours. Sorry, my glass is half empty on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Haha.... oversleeping for work is one of my biggest fears, especially since last June, when I overslept for my final exam.... no, not the one I was taking, the one I was GIVING. To 25 kids. That started at 7:50... and I woke up at 7:52. Ugh, horrible horrible memories.

Gina said...

well fortunately for you, drone, i don't think too many people actually buy the stuff in the skymall catalog. i hope not, anyway.

sasha, that is amazing and really impressive. i salute you!